Centering the Margins Summit 2019
Session Videos


The Science of Change: Evidence-Based Methods for Effective Activism

By Debbie Goddard


Centering our Stories

Journeying Toward Liberation: Mistakes, Confusion, Peace, and Healing
By Rachel Plotkin

Tapping into Your Agency of Joy While Fighting for Social Justice
By Sean A. Watkins

Good God Gone: Faith, Loss, and Organizing
By Verdell Wright


Press Start: Embracing Queer Nerds of Color

By Mario Gray and Gerrard Davis


Chasing Rainbows: The Stigma of Being Black, Queer, and Angry in a Christian Fundamentalist Led Political Climate

By Sonjiah V. Davis


Queer Latinidad in Familiar and Unfamiliar Spaces Panel discussion

with Luciano Joshua Gonzalez-Vega, Lucky Garcia, and Adriana Buenaventura-Martinez


Not Your Negro: Unapologetically Black, Queer & Atheist

By Ashton P. Woods